ESYA 2019

August 28, 2019

ON 23 August 2019,  a very colourful and memorable Tech Fest was organised by IIIT Delhi in which our college, The CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Delhi NCR not only took part, but also left its mark. This was a daylong event and was held in the IIIT Campus itself. More than 25 colleges of Delhi participated in this event.        

   All the students received a very warm welcome by the faculty and the volunteer team of the college. There were 30 plus events which included Chess, Poker, Photography etc. Our university got a golden chance of not only participating for the first time but also grabbing some of the best opportunities to showcase our talents. Our college came first in IPL, winners being Jatin Thadani , Akshat Birla ,Krish Bajaj ,  and Aryan Jeewani. And also Karan Kukreja with his skills stole the position of no.1 in Pool. Our talented students, Gaurav Lalwani and Siddhayeni Tiwari, with their hardwork also came in the top eight in the event of Photography.  Atharv Dua won first prize in offline poker and Vaibhav Khandelwal in online poker. We also took part in many other fun events such as Treasure hunt. Though it required a lot of stamina, our team never gave up. They performed very well and did a commendable job. Ayush Kumar, Chirag Gupta ,Pankaj Kumar and Divyam Singh were the Pubg team finalists with their team name “Prototype”.


Winning is a good and admirable thing, but participation is very important. It helps you to boost your confidence. Other events in the college participated such as Fifa, Ping, Beat Slayer, Wearing Stories and Technical Coding.

 It was really good to watch our children coming out of their shells and showcasing their talent. The greetings and the motivational speeches by Father Viju and Father Sunny kept us motivated. We really enjoyed a lot and dispersed with a sincere hope that such events should be organised in the future as well, giving students a chance to display and showcase their talent and urge them to come out of their comfort zones.