August 14, 2019

The volunteers of the Centre for Social Action organised two events on 14 August 2019 to bring an official start to our volunteer body. After much discussion, a fancier version of dumb charades- Freeze Frame and the traditional game of kite flying were finalised. It was a quick decision followed by a brainstorming session and everything unfolded smoother than anticipated.

The volunteers worked together as a team, shared responsibilities and made sure that everything was in place for the participants to enjoy both the events to the fullest. Thanks to the inspiration and motivation provided by the faculty members, we were able to accomplish so much from scratch within a short period of time.

On the day of the occasion, things were well coordinated, the helping hand lent by our dear faculty members served as a support all along. The Freeze Frame event was conducted in the conference Hall, students from diverse departments had enrolled themselves for the same. The event started at 1:30pm with the introduction of our respected judge, Ms. Aksha (Department of Psychology), followed by an ice breaker session which helped the students loosen up and get to know each other. Random numbering was used to club the students into four groups of seven members each (totalling to 28).

Each group was given a stipulated time span within which they had to enact and convey the topic they had chosen (using a random draw) through four freeze frames. Teams were judged on their cohesiveness, acting skills, coordination and speed. Ms. Aksha did an amazing job by motivating while genuinely judging the students. After the game came to an end and once the winners and runners up were announced, Ms. Aksha diplomatically ensured that she gave a logical reasoning as to why they had won and what had been missing in the other teams, and what can be improved next time.

The winners were awarded with a notepad, a pen and chocolates, the runners up were given a notepad and a pen. Feedback was collected from the participants systematically and a small token of appreciation was handed over to Ms. Aksha ma'am for her kind presence in the event.The event concluded graciously with a small thank you note by the volunteers.

The second event, KAI PO CHE Kite Flying (competition) was inaugurated by Reverend Father Viju and Father Sunny in the presence of the respected faculty members and students in front of block B at 4:00 pm.

Despite the rainfall the day before, we saw kites soaring to great heights. Though the registration was closed, it was evident that many eager students who wanted to enrol themselves in the event on spot after witnessing it’s fun potential. With the help of faculty members, we reopened our registration and enrolled a few more students and got kites ready for them in no time. We also witnessed a very memorable moment, where Father Viju and Father Sunny, joined the students in kite flying with enthusiasm and spirit, portraying that there is no age bar to be young and driven! It was highly inspiring! The kite flying, combined with the warmth of the evening, the music playing in the background, a sense of friendly competition, and enthusiasm reverberated throughout the campus. After considerable amount of deliberation, the winners were decided.

Cafe Coffee Day coupons (worth Rs.200- first place, Rs.150- second place and Rs.100-third place) was awarded to the winners. There were two participants in each group, each member of the group received the amount individually.

We arrived at the sunset of the event filled with joy as the turn of events had made it a memorable evening for the students and faculty members after a long, tiring day of work!

The spirit of CSA was ignited by having a taste of what we can achieve as a group of youngsters under the guidance of our teachers. We are highly motivated to take it to the next level and reach out to as many people as possible!

Once again, we would like to thank Father Viju, Father Sunny, Anna ma'am, other faculty members and our dear students for making this possible!