August 16, 2019


Department of Psychology, NCR Delhi provided the students of MSc Clinical psychology an opportunity to engage with Dr Jayashankar Reddy in a lecture about his mastered pool of knowledge regarding neuro-feedback techniques and his perception about the field of his interest and its growing importance. This one-hour lecture was an interactive session where he made the students aware about the different aspects related to epilepsy and also made us understand the different brain aspects responsible for the dissonance.

The entire session was made interesting by the efficient use of a power point presentation along with videos, audio and pictorial portrayal. He made the students understand all the complex facets of the neuronal activities through simple connection which we shall never forget that easily. He was successful in his overall effort to pull the attention of students and to increase their motivation towards the field of Clinical Neuropsychology. The session made it easier for the students to understand the diverse components in the field and how to effectively bring them into use in their day to day aspects. He also took a great step in making us aware about the presence of different neuro-feedback techniques and its associated advantages and disadvantages. Dr Jayashankar Reddy not only was restricted with his teaching related to the contents mentioned above but he also showed great interest in personally interacting with the students and clearing their respective doubts and confusions regarding the specific fields and its relation to other field, varied opportunities and the need of the field at present.