University level student leaders induction program

August 05, 2019

Leadership is about taking initiative, becoming more than what we are and entering a new world, adapting to it while making it an extension of oneself. As we commenced the SWO and CSA team for the session 2019-20, creativity became the sole initiative we all agreed upon while coming from different areas and converging into one.

Mr. Jibrael Puthur Jos, a man of profound intellect was chosen as our student's guiding light, their first teacher into the great legacy and experience of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). Coming from different areas, with their complex and evolving dialects and accents, they chose to be a part of a single community. Ms. Anna Reshmy , our co-curricular coordinator chose one third of the students to become an aid in what would be known as the “Student Welfare Association” for all the college fests and functions that would happen in the upcoming year .

The induction spanned over a period of 3 days (5th ,6th and 7th of AUGUST 2019) with the objective for the growth and learning for the students.

Day 1- consisted of the participation of the student leaders and members of the creative teams consisting of Art and Literature, Emceeing, Natyarpana (Dance), College Choir, and CSA

members for the ‘Drishti Street Play’ which is the creative wing of the Social Action Members.


Since they all come from different regions, a map of India was instinctively a clever way of defining what boundaries are, and how different they are when they are asked to segregate into the states and cities they belong to in an interactive circle. We had our introductions into teamwork, understanding, leadership, and the greatest quality of love and passion to the teams they have signed up for and developed a sense of rising above one’s self; all of these qualities will surely become significant in the upcoming months when we receive a simultaneous pressure from academia.

Both CSA and SWO members were divided into two big groups and were asked to use their potentials to compete. They had to prepare one play and song respectively each in fifteen minutes. Then, as a part of brushing our recitation skills, the famous Jack and Jill rhyme was recited . The students had to judge each other in a playful environment until a unanimous winner was decided. The next hour was an hour of reflection and introspection when we stopped running from here to there. We sat in small circles and talked about our experiences in small groups of five to know each other.

There was a common structure followed in induction program focusing on different objective as mentioned below-:

Day 1 :Working on the Creative skills of the students.

Day 2 :Leadership Skills and blending with each other.

Day 3 :Organisational behaviour including a shared vision and plan for the upcoming year.

On the very last day of the induction program, all the student leaders gathered together in the Seminar Hall. All the teams showcased their performance that was assigned to them by Jibrael Sir and everyone was amazed by seeing how students did come together. In the end Rev.

Father Viju and Fr. Sunny thanked Jibrael sir for his propitious presence. Ms. Anna Reshmy, the coordinator of the Student Welfare Office, gave a token of respect and admiration to sir

while the entire hall was echoing, “ WE LOVE YOU SIR! COME BACK SOON”.


Program At a Glance...

Mr.Jibrael Jos guiding the Students

Students divided in the groups for the activites

Rev.Father thanked Jibrael Sir for his presence

Students gave a token of love