December 19, 2019


December 19, 2019 was a momentous day in the timeline of CSA as they opened the University gates to 220 children who were sponsored by CHRIST (Deemed to be) University, Delhi NCR, under the Child sponsorship program of CSA. We all had the opportunity to witness and share the joy of the 220 young lives. Volunteers stood at the University gate, with a warm smile and bursting enthusiasm to welcome the children who had arrived at around 10 in the morning. As we joyously ushered them into the activity center in Block A, we saw their smiling faces wish, “Good morning” to every soul their eyes met. The positivity and love of their throbbing life echoed through the building.

Fun events were organized by the volunteers under the tutelage and guidance of Miss N Y Anna Reshmy. The children were given refreshments and were engaged in a small rapport building session to familiarize them with the new environment. It took no time for them to feel at home and all of them wanted to know what we had in store for them. Children between the age of 11-16 were guided upstairs to the seminar hall where various events like, drama, musical chair, dog and the bone were conducted. Drama encouraged the children to put on their creative hats while dog and the bone encouraged team spirit and healthy competition. Musical chair, a fun old-school game, tested the children’s attentiveness and response time. Origami was taught to groups of 10 children in the green room which led to a new, fun exploration of what can be made of a simple piece of paper!

Meanwhile, the younger ones downstairs (age group 3-6) were having the time of their lives by engaging in games like, balloon popping, paper cup bowling, fish race, ball in the cup and coin in the bucket. Volunteers were also involved in face painting, beautifully adorning the happy faces of children with Santa Claus and Christmas trees with significance to the Christmas eve in the forthcoming week. Following by this was an energetic open floor dancing session- it was indeed a treat to the eyes to watch those peppy and bouncing children move their bodies to the beat of the music.

As all the children gathered for a closing session, a few sang solo and displayed their talent while the group engaged with the volunteers in singing jingles and having a merry time. The party concluded with lunch being served to the children and the teachers who accompanied them. A sapling was given to the teachers as a mark of respect, and the children were distributed Christmas presents. Kids were bid adieu by the volunteers as they left with joyful memories about the days happenings and enthusiastically looking forward to visiting our campus again in January for another fun event!

As a team, the volunteers of CSA would like to express their gratitude to respected Fr Dr.Viju P D, and Fr Sunny Joseph, for supporting us throughout and providing us with the essential resources to make this event a reality. We would also like to thank Miss N Y Anna Reshmy, Miss Sushmita, and all the faculty members for the direction and support they have shown us all way long.