Workshop on “Suicide Prevention: Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health”

January 08, 2020

Event: Workshop on “Suicide Prevention: Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health” 

Resource Person. Dr Sebastian Perumbilly 

Date: 8th January 2020

Venue: Conference Hall, Block B 

Time. 9:00 am to 3: 00 pm

The workshop organized by the Department of Psychology on 8th January 2020 focused on causes and prevention of suicide, and the role of a therapist with context to mental health scenario. Dr Sebastian Perumbilly, a full bright scholar in Christ (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR campus, led the session. He is known for his immense work and contribution to the field of marriage and family therapy, with impactful findings from his prolific research.  

He started this workshop with the role of therapist in critical scenarios and settings where identifying triggers and cues are important. He said “each one of you is the future of India, and work starts from a small place and this is your space”, and engaged the crowd by addressing the possible dilemmas they as therapists would face in such sessions. He further showed videos and slides on case studies and created space for more personal discussion where, perspectives and discussions marked the duration of it, making it impactful. He clearly emphasized on signs a therapist should seek out for and questioned students by giving them possible case scenarios. He ended the workshop after asking everyone to share their insight of this whole learning experience. He believes that it is all about the consistency and rationale with which a young mind can act and start initiatives. 

Starting with a discussion topic on cases which each student had come across to ending at a discussion on ways in which one can stay alert and prevent such an act, Dr Sebastian Perumbilly had shared his profound knowledge in this field of mental health, while ensuring an interesting engagement and a learning for lifetime: providing better services.