Workshop on “Examining Roles Through a Gendered Lens”

March 06, 2020



The workshop organized by the Department of Psychology in collaboration with Sanjh Jagori on 6th March 2020 focused on how the society that one lives in is most often a privileged space for some, while a rugged terrain for others when examined using the gendered lens. Dr Iqbal Judge, an experienced professor with years spent into deconstructing myths and stereotypes, led the session.

The interactive session challenged the internalized gender-based discrimination. Real life examples and anecdotes made the session invigorating. The issues of consent and privileges in varied settings were addressed. The resource person emphasised that questioning is one way of deconstructing the old patriarchal narratives and reconstructing the new.

Dr Judge not only shared her profound experiences, but also laid down a groundwork for more critical outlook to evaluate the gendered ones, by cornering the specificities of roles and presumptions imbued in ones’ mind.

The workshop was definitely very informative, and mostly positively received by everyone. Here are some thoughts:

“The workshop by Iqbal ma’am was very interactive and informative. Her workshop was different than the regular workshops on gender discrimination. She talked about the masculine perspective also which most of other workshops don’t cover. She is a commendable resource person!” Ankit

“The workshop conducted by Dr. Judge was nothing less than an eye-opener. As an individual, I thought I was pretty sensitive to all such issues. But it was her subtle yet powerful words that made me reflect on how all of us have internalized the same things we’re revolting against in one way or another. It definitely served as a reality check.”- Simran