Open Electives

Open Electives


Open electives are offered under two categories: a) Generic electives b) Skill Enhancement Electives


  • It is mandatory for undergraduate students to undertake open elective courses for two credits each before the completion of the Fourth Semester.
  • Students have the option of choosing either two Generic Elective courses or one Generic Elective and one Skill Enhancement Elective courses under the category of mandatory elective courses. A student is not eligible for more than one Skill Enhancement Elective course under the category of mandatory courses.
  • For BCom (Professional), BCom (Finance and Accounting), BBA (Finance and Accounting), BBA, BBA (Honours) BHM, BA LLB, BBA LLB and BCA programs the Open Electives are offered within the regular class hours.
  • These courses generally earn two credits consisting of 45-hours of theory classes and 60 hours for those with practical.
  • Students can view the complete details of the courses offered as Generic Electives and Skill Enhancement Elective courses in their Knowledge Pro login.
  • Students must register for the courses through their Knowledge Pro login after paying the prescribed fees within the dates notified.
  • Till a student finishes two courses under the mandatory course category, he/she is eligible to apply for other open elective courses under the optional courses category.
  • Evaluation pattern is the discretion of the faculty concerned with only CIA or both CIA and end semester examinations
  • Examinations are conducted by the departments concerned and the results are indicated only in Grades in the marks card.
  • Minimum pass percentage is 40% for courses under the mandatory category. Grades are awarded only if the student passes.
  • These courses are conducted after or before the regular class hours and the courses offered are different in Odd and Even semesters.
  • Students are advised to finalize their choice of programs in consultation with their class teachers concerned.
  • Minimum prescribed attendance for these courses is 85%. Medical and co-curricular claim will be considered only if the student put in 75% physical attendance or the classes.
  • Attendance claim shall be submitted to Office of IPM in the prescribed form within 07 days after availing he leave.
  • Students who fail to secure the minimum pass marks or required minimum attendance or who discontinue in between the course are required to register afresh by paying applicable course fees. Re-registration is permitted only in the subsequent semester which may be for the same course or or any other courses from the choices available during the particular semester.
  • A student is not eligible to graduate without completing minimum two courses under mandatory course category.
  • Students from department of performing arts, Theatre and Music have to complete one mandatory course offered by other departments
  • Each course admits only 40 students on a first-come-first-served basis. Courses which do not get minimum required applications may not be conducted.


Rules for Exemption from Open Elective courses based on Performance in extracurricular events of the University

  1. Students selected by the University for its specified Extra-curricular activities/events mentioned below may be considered for exemption from one of the Open Elective Courses.
    • University Cultural Team: All the winners of Darpan are eligible for exemption
    • University Dance Team: Winners and five Runner up teams (as per ranking) of the dance events of Darpan as well as other members of the University dance team are eligible for exemption.
    • University Choir
    • University Volunteer Team
    • University Sports Teams of Football (A&B), Basketball (A&B), Volleyball (A), Hockey (A), Cricket (A), Throw ball (A), Tennis (A) and Handball (A). Both boys and girls teams will be eligible for the full strength of the team including reserves.
    • Peer Education Program (PEP)
    • Student Welfare Office (SWO)
    • Centre for Social Action (CSA)
    • National Cadet Corps (NCC)
    • University Wind and Brass Orchestra
  2. Participation in only one of the activity/event listed is considered even though the student may be involved in more than one activity.
  3. Students who are in the second year must have already completed one of the open elective courses to avail this scheme.
  4. Students who fail in their performance earning a Grade of 'D' are not exempted but the students may have to repeat the activity/event to improve their performance, subject to their re-selection.
  5. Students seeking credit based on their participation in any of the aforesaid extra-curricular activity/event shall register with the Office of Examinations in the beginning of the academic year, latest by Mid-August through the respective offices. Addition of names in the list after registration is not permitted.
  6. The coordinating Department/Centre/Office of the respective activity/event shall monitor every student of its group and submit to the Office of Examinations, a score sheet (marks card) during the last 10 days prior to the close of the even semester.
  7. The criteria for judging the performance for the specified activities/events is as given in the table hereunder.


Activity/ Event

Performance Criteria

Student/ Reg.No








  1. The Department/Centre/Office of the activity/event concerned will set the relevant parameters to measure the content of each given criterion depending on the need and application of the particular activity/event and will assess the performance of every student objectively.


  1. Students must earn at least 20 Points out of 50 to get C Grade. Grading is as under

Total Score


30 and above






Below 20