Corporate Talk Series: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

September 06, 2019

NAME OF THE EVENT  Corporate Talk Series:  Conflict Resolution and Negotiation 
RESOURCE PERSON AND BRIEF DETAILS Mr Harsh Sachdev, Executive Vice President, Indian Oil 
DATE OF THE EVENT 06/09/2019
VENUE Discussion Room, A Block



As the students of MBA and PGDM would leave the university shortly to become managers, they would need to transform their knowledge in management into actionable skills within a short period of time. To enable the students in this aspect, Institute of Management conceptualized the idea of a corporate talk series to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

In order to impart the hands-on experience of management, a guest session by Shri Harsh Sachdev, Executive Vice President, Indian Oil, had been organized.

This session covered the following topics:

•       The reasons for the existence of conflict within everyday life and corporate environments

•       Negotiation Tactics and Skills required

Mr Sachdev also provided the students with four real-life scenarios that occurred during his tenure with Indian Oil and the logical steps taken by the company to deal with the conflicts. The negotiation tactics used by the organization to resolve the conflicts were presented and discussed during the talk.

At the end of the talk, Mr Sachdev had also answered the questions that the students had about the industry. Most of the questions were regarding Indian Oil’s approach to Green Energy and the shift of energy production to renewable sources.