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1 CSR as an Agent of Financial Stability: A Use Case of Banking Industry Indian Journal of Ecology 03-Aug-2021 48 / 16 /

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Title of Article CSR as an Agent of Financial Stability: A Use Case of Banking Industry
Name of Journal Indian Journal of Ecology
Volume No 48
Issue No 16
Page No
URL https://indianecologicalsociety.com/society/full-journals/
Date of Publication 03-Aug-2021
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1 Conference Presenter International Unequal World Conference Economic Inclusion and Domestic Violence Against Women in 21stCentury India 08/12/2021 Unequal World Research Center International
2 Conference Presenter New Populism and Responses of the 21st Century Brand Image of PM Modi: The face of Hindutva in Democratic India 24/09/2021 The University of Toledo, USA International
3 Conference Presenter International Conference on Best Innovative Teaching Strategies "COVID -19 Pandemic, New Technologies and Challenges to Online Education 29/07/2021 Birla Institute Of Technology & Science Pilani, Pilani Campus International
4 Conference Presenter Managing Inflection point in changing landscape: Through technological landscape Roles of Policies in Removing Gender Digital Divide in Labour Force: A study of Delhi NCR 24/04/2021 IMS Ghaziabad and University of Federiction, Canada International
5 Conference Presenter UNequal World Conference Digital Innovation to reduce Urban - Rural Disconnect: An Impact Analysis 24/01/2021 Unequal World Conference ? January 24-25, 2021 International
6 Conference Presenter Virtual International Conference On Building Positive Organizations Challenges And Opportunities For A Sustainable Future CSR as an Agent of Financial stability: A Use Case of Banking Industry 07/11/2020 Christ University International
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1 Higher Education and Career Guidance; Achieving Success by Choosing the Right Path Higher Education and Career Guidance 14/11/2021 ICYM Agra Region
2 Work Life Balance in times of COVID 19 Pandemic Gender Equity in times of COVID 19 25/09/2020 Christ University
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1 Market Structure
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1 Refresher Course in Gender Studies UGC - HRDC 17/02/2022
2 30M Training CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional 10/02/2022
3 Reflections on Revised Bloom Taxonomy Intellectual Property Rights Law and its application Christ (Deemed to be University) 07/06/2021
4 Envisioning Servant Leadership in Higher Education; Lessons for Digital Learning and Enhanced Student Engagement CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional 31/05/2021
5 Conservation Economics IIT Kanpur 01/01/2021
6 Teachers on Using ICT for Online Teaching Learning Process Tripura University (Central University) 01/12/2020
7 C o m p r e h e n siv e e-L e a r nin g to e-T r ainin g g uid e fo r A d ministr ativ e W o r k Ramanujan College National 25/05/2020
8 Online Teaching & E-content HSNC University National 16/05/2020
9 Innovations to Academicians Ramachandra College of Engineering National 11/05/2020
10 Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing Department of Psychology, Yale University International 05/05/2020
11 Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Indian School of Business National 03/05/2020
12 Feminism and Social Justice University of California, Santa Cruz International 02/05/2020
13 Online Teaching and Learning Christ University 22/04/2020
14 Initiating and Planning Projects University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education International 16/04/2020
15 Advanced Business Strategy Darden School of Business University of Virginia International 16/04/2020
16 Quantitative Research and Data Analysis using SPSS Christ University Institutional 06/11/2019
17 Art of Writing Christ University Institutional 06/05/2019
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