Jagriti Batra

MA ENG (2020-22)

I am notably grateful for my enriching experience pursuing my MA in English with Communication Studies at Christ University, Delhi NCR campus. The University offers great infrastructure and a well-maintained campus. The curriculum is a perfect blend of Language, Literature and Mass Communication. The course provided a balance between the theoretical as well as practical learning. The course provided various opportunities for extensive research, and it has helped in my chosen field. The faculty members are experts in their fields and guided me throughout my journey. As a part of the course, I got a lot of exposure through seminars, workshops and sessions organised by the English department. Completing my MA in English from Christ University has not only equipped me with academic proficiency but has also instilled in me a lifelong love for literature and a passion for continuous learning. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a comprehensive and transformative educational experience.

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Ananya Bhattacharya

MA ENG (2021-23)

CHRIST University Delhi NCR campus has been instrumental in shaping my academic journey. Completing my MA in English with Communication Studies laid a strong foundation, and now pursuing my PhD feels like a natural progression. The faculty's unwavering support and guidance have been paramount, fueling my aspirations. Their dedication to nurturing growth is exceptional. The University has extensive internship opportunities and diverse co-curricular activities have further enriched my learning experience. I am grateful for the invaluable contributions of the professors and staff, making Christ University an exceptional place for holistic development and academic excellence.

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Mandabya JJ

MA ENG (2020-22)

My time as a student of MA in English and Communication studies was exceptionally enlightening, and exceedingly fun. Not only was the course taught in an easy to grasp manner, the knowledge imparted had real world implications rather than just sticking to theory.

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Anshika Garg

MA ENG (2022-24)

The MA English with Communication Studies program at Christ University offered me more than an academic journey; it nurtured my personal and professional growth, providing me with immense opportunities that shaped me into a confident individual. Stepping into Christ University was like entering a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge and activities. I found myself part of the Writing Society, writing research papers and putting on a theoretical performance with my class on stage. These experiences honed my leadership and intrapersonal skills, teaching me the art of collaboration and public speaking. Engaging with diverse events, from guest lectures to cultural festivals, exposed me to the practical application of my theoretical knowledge. Looking back, the two years at Christ University were less about acquiring new skills and more about discovering my potential.

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Kamya Gupta

MA ENG (2021-23)

I'm excited to tell you about my great experience at Christ University's Delhi NCR Campus while doing my MA in English with Communication Studies. Christ University lecturers were really helpful, going above and above to ensure our success. Their constant dedication to our development was visible in their guidance in both projects and curricular activities. Their competence and dedication produced an intellectually stimulating environment, allowing me to improve my skills and achieve in my academics. I am deeply grateful for the amazing academic adventure I had at Christ University, which unquestionably affected my future.

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Kushal Trivedi

MA ENG (2021-23)

Joining CHRIST, Delhi NCR in August 2021 was an experiment I took with my career that turned out to be a worthwhile experience. Over the course of the next two years, I familiarised myself with various academic disciplines, organised cultural events, and took part in different club activities. The experiences I had got me interested in research, honed my specific skills, and boosted my confidence. What makes the Department of English and Cultural Studies at CHRIST special is the fact that everyone, from the classmates and juniors to the faculty members, acts as a team and supports each other through an otherwise confusing journey.

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Fegin Joseph

BMPA (2022-25)

Words fail to capture the profound impact this place has had on me. It's not only about acquiring knowledge but about blossoming into a well-rounded individual. Christ hasn't simply educated me, it has groomed me. It has nurtured my intellectual curiosity, fuelled my creative fire, and broadened my horizons with a kaleidoscope of curricular and extracurricular experiences.

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Vanshika Shivran

BAMPSY (2023-26)

Enrolling in the Media and Psychology Honours course has been transformative for me. The interdisciplinary approach seamlessly blends media studies with psychology, providing a comprehensive understanding of human behavior in the digital age. Engaging lectures and hands-on projects have honed my critical thinking and analytical skills. The faculty's expertise and personalised guidance have been invaluable, fostering an intellectually stimulating environment. This course not only delves into the intricacies of media's impact on psychology but also equips students with practical skills crucial in today's media-centric world. It's a journey that intertwines theoretical depth with real-world applicability, preparing us for a dynamic professional landscape.

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Rishita Dang

BMPA (2023-26)

The programme BA Media and Public Affairs has been very interesting and intriguing with the wide variety of fields it offers to explore with its dual major structure. For me, it has been quite an experience with learning from basics of media to its origin and introduction to the way it functions in the present state. It is like a discovery of one's interests along with dealing with subjects from various disciplines, be it politics, designing or economics and many more. The course has helped me developing my imagination along with my skills, especially my skill of writing and expressing. Overall, with its interdisciplinary approach, it is helping me understand the basics and the depths.

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