I am having an amazing time in CHRIST, Delhi NCR. The people here are very welcoming and motivating. The institution provides a lot of resources through which you can upgrade yourself. With regular workshops, we stay informed about the current developments in our field of study.Science is an emerging field and with so many resources available online, it becomes confusing to understand which area to focus on to what extent. Our teachers help us with that and help us in learning something new. They are really supportive.We have so many different extra-curricular activities going on continuously and one will find it enriching to participate and explore themselves in those events. The non-teaching staff here is very cooperative. This place has taught me to be more disciplined and focused.

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 Let’s just say I was very sceptical of being here, first few months took time adjusting. But as time went by I felt the sense of rush, I met like-minded people who challenged me and helped me grow. Faculties present on the campus were always there for me. DELHI NCR grows on you, it’s a very peaceful place to put your ideas into action there are a lot of projects and research work that always keeps you on your toes with all the learning happening there’s also a lot of fun, fests and conferences are regularly organized. It’s a whole different world out here, a college experience which is defiantly one of a kind. Christ promises you a lot of things but one thing they say that they are absolutely right about, Once a christite, always a christite.

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Beyond being one of the best emerging colleges in India, Christ (Deemed to be University),DELHI NCR serves to be a home away from home. Upholding the motto “EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE”, our university is proving to be the best in academics and co-curricular activities. The institution is providing ample opportunity to its students for building a strong foundation in knowledge as well as personal development. The feeling of excitement and inquisitiveness one can experience inside the campus is inexplicable. It offers a variety of courses that allow us to discover our true passion. Our second home also has committed in making significant strides in the fields of research. Amazing faculty and professors along with their timely guidance and various departmental activities serves to be the foundation stone of our college. We are really thankful to the management for providing constant support and motivation to pursue our dreams. What we learn with pleasure, we never forget and I am sure Christ is always ideal for happy learning.

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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a very well-known and reputed institution. The University is strict regarding its discipline, dress code and attendance which keeps the students focused more in studies. But it's not just about studies and placement offers. Speaking for myself, I have always had a quiet and shy personality, but with all the projects, presentations and group discussions I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in myself. CHRIST always speaks of 'Holistic Development' and indeed it provides the students' growth from every aspect, both academic and co-curricular. The faculty members have always been kind and have paid attention to every individual. Also, the City of Delhi NCR is beautiful and quiet, giving us the best environment to focus in our studies. I'm proud to be a Christite and it has helped me build my future's foundation and made me ready to tackle any challenge that the future holds.

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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

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