Revelations 2017

Revelations 2017

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be a Revelation.
-Eileen Caddy

Indeed a revelation of all our shrouded gifts and capacities.

This world is ending up being exceptionally aggressive and drives us to be more redesigned and capable to investigate our obscure talents and abilities. To keep up with this hurry transform, we have to frequently prepare ourselves in our territories of intrigue and spaces of improvement. For which, The Department of Computer Science gave students a chance to upgrade themselves with the Revelations 2017, an intra-departmental fest. The theme for this year’s revelations was “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” which is inspired by the series “Pirates of the Caribbean”. This theme was chosen to signify: Power, Leadership, Unity and Passion. The students were divided into three teams being Queen Anne’s Revenge, Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchmen; all headed by their elected captains.

An annual fest went on for about half a month. That is from 27th January 2017 till 22nd February 2017. The fest began with its first event being image editing on 27th January. Many students participated   in the event to know how well they could change a fiend to a delightful and hypnotizing angel. Proceeding with the specialized events, IT Manager (Prelims) was hung on 30th January. The next day was brimming with imagination as the anticipated event was Paper Collage with the subject "Incredible India". Next occasion was to discover the "Viswanathan Anand" among us. Chess gave us serious brainstorms. On 4th February, we had the occasion which mirrors a techy and it was Coding and IT Manager (second round), which helped us to know where we stand in the IT World.

“We had to find errors” which was the Debugging event held on 7th February. It was accompanied with JAM (Just A Minute). After all the substantial coding, we had non-specialized events. To be specific, we had Solo and Group Singing on 9th February. This event amazingly revealed those melodious voices we have among us. On 11th February, we had gaming which took us to our adolescent days where we gave genuine headshots. Gaming included NFS and CS. Some valiant and dauntless gamers were seen. On 14th February we had Web Designing, JAM (second round) and Quiz. Some incredible personalities arose. Potpourri was the following event; it gave us the reasonable vision of how well we could convey a message regardless of the possibility that we could lose the ability of talking. Occasions like Football, Throw ball, Basketball tried our physical aptitudes, and Treasure hunt tried our mental abilities. The members were brimming with vitality and had an incredible sportsman soul.

The final day of Revelations 2017 was on 22nd February. It was inaugurated by Mr. Britto Gilbert, a passionate Digital Transformation Consultant with Microsoft. He gave us an insight into the change around us, data analytics and a few tips to adapt up to the advancing innovation. This day had in store the finals of few events. The events were Quiz, IT Manager, Product Launch, Photography, Video making and Mannequin challenge. It was a tussle! All the teams had put in their best to outstand one another.

The valedictory ceremony of Revelations 2017 was presided over by chief guest Dr. Surendra Umesh Kulkarni, Dean of Science, Christ University. He gave us some words of wisdom and it was trailed by the prize distribution ceremony. The Flying Dutchmen turned out to be the overall winners and The Black Pearl was the runner up of the day.  Revelation 2017 truly stood up to its theme THE PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN. It was an incredible experience and a great learning lesson for both our students and teachers.


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