Techleons 2017

Techleons 2017

‘Techleons’ is an annual intra department fest for the Under Graduate Computer Science students organized by the Department of Computer Science, Christ University. Through various technical and non-technical events, it provides platform for students to showcase their talents.

This year Techleons was held on 22nd February 2017 and was inaugurated in the Main auditorium at 9:15 am.  The chief guest for the inauguration ceremony was Mr.Britto Gilbert, who is the Technology Solutions Professional in Microsoft. He delivered a speech highlighting the latest developments in the field of information technology. The Annual Magazine “Tricky Techies” containing various artworks and articles complied by the students of Computer Science department was also released by Mr.Britto. The articles were based on topics such as “The dark side of the Internet”, “War Games”, “Preference of Languages”, “Advantages of Raspberry Pi”, “Watson”, “Walkie Talkies”, etc.

Every year ‘Techleons’ is based on a theme. The theme of Techleons-2017 was “The Hunger Games”. According to this theme all the students of different undergraduate courses were grouped under various districts - Luxury, Mining, Nuclear, Transportation, Technology, and Power. Groups competed against each other in various technical and non-technical events.

In Coding and Debugging, the students were pitched against various computational problems varying from combinational to numerical in nature. The participants need to devise programs and rectify errors (using C, C++, and Python) that would automatically generate the desired output based on the given inputs. Website designing event was all about the process of conceptualizing, planning and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images and use of interactive features in order to deliver the pages to appropriate audience. The event Graphic Designing was conducted to test the creativity and the ability to use infographics. This was an opportunity to voice out their ideas through the use of graphics.

Just-A-Minute (or JAM) was an all round fun event that was all about the control of the mind over the mouth. It was to test if the students can make it through sixty seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition or deviation. This event can make the participants crumble because of the sheer pressure of the time limit and also gives the competitors a fair chance to pounce on the participant in an instant. Cryptogram - an event where players should work together as teams and tenaciously use their ingenuity, to obtain and solve clues that will guide them through to the next round of the hunt, was the one with highest number of participants. The clues were provided in the form of wordplay, trivia, puzzles, math, anagrams etc. The first clue was provided to all the teams for free, but the remaining clues came at the price of performing tasks or completing challenges. The team that collected all the clues without flaws that led them to the treasure was declared victorious. Brain Bytes - a Pot-Pourri event comprised of pictionary, brain teasers, riddles, etc. Teams of three made their way through the various intricate rounds. Teams were expected to be on their toes, showcasing their ability to be prompt and accurate at the same time.  Kinesics, the event of techie-Dumb-Charades, Palette, the event of logo designing and Photography-Capture your surroundings through the lenses, Gaming, Quiz etc attracted many participants. Hunt for the MockinJay, the event for Best Manager was another highlight. Survival through a nexus of most challenging rounds will only tell what mettle the participants’ beheld. The participants were put to various tests; wrangling way up the ladder to victory was all it took to become the Best Manager. This event was backed by a huge crowd from different departments.

The students from various districts competed against each other with enthusiasm and vigor. Apart from all these events, students across the courses performed different cultural activities. The valedictory ceremony was conducted at 3:00 pm in Block IV Auditorium. Dr Louis George, Associate Dean of Sciences and Head of the Department of Chemistry was the chief guest. He gave a motivational speech which inspired the students to set their goals for the future. Dr George distributed the prizes to the winners. The overall winning trophy was presented to the district with the highest score which was Technology.

Techleons-2017 provided a platform for the students to learn and showcase a variety of technical skills, team work, leadership qualities and organizing skills which is very much essential for a student’s overall development.


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