Skyscrapers (HR Club - VibHRance)

March 06, 2020




HR Club, VibHRance organized a team building activity, “Skyscrapers” for the students of MBA III. The main objectives of this activity were:

  • To analyze the given problem.
  • To create a plan prior to construction
  • To build student communication and collaboration
  • To reflect on the process


The students were divided in 5 teams having 5 members in each group. All the teams were given newspaper and cello tape using which they need to build a tower. The team which builds the tallest free-standing tower wins the game. The time given to all the teams was 20 minutes.  

Winners of the activity: Team Captivators

Team members: Abdullah, Abhinav, Jyoti, Jonnathan, and Niharika

Outcome of the activity:

  • Creative thinking,
  • Collaboration,
  • Teamwork,
  • Strategy and
  • Time management.