First Annual Alumni Meet, Delhi NCR Chapter

January 26, 2020

Memories bring back memories and moments that you relished with your comrades, you cherish forever. So to cherish the memories made in CHRIST (Deemed to be University), we at Delhi NCR campus held our first Annual Alumni Meet on 26th January 20202. The Sunday also marked the Republic Day so we had a double rainbow to celebrate. All the alumni remembers present that day witnessed a show put up by our Student Council members and SWO members. From melodious band performance by Srishti to enthralling dance performances by Natyarpana, everyone was dazzled with the talents the Christies possess. A play enacted by the Street Theatre team Drishti brought out tears of nationalism in the hearts of every audience member. The day was special for all the members as the alumni members were able to relive their college days and the students and faculty had the opportunity to show them the new campus and introduce themselves to the already beaming Christite Spirit. To end the event, the entire alumni faculty performed a free spirited dance performance which was heartwarming enough to pull everyone to the stage. The day came to an end with a scrumptious lunch for all the alumni members and the council members. Truly, the first annual alumni day marked memorable in our hearts.