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Centre for Social Action (CSA), is a student volunteer body that aims for the development of society and works collectively towards the better future of today's society. Established in 1999, in the Bangalore campus, CSA is a novel organization for the Delhi NCR campus, started in the year 2019. CSA, is a 'Students Movement for a Humane and Just Society' where student communities are sensitized on various issues affecting the poor and the marginalized sections of society. CSA works towards promoting the value of Social Responsibility amongst the student community. With the support of volunteers, faculty, and full-time development professionals, CSA is strongly engaged in addressing issues related to child rights, socio-economic development of women, youths and farmers, livelihood, community mobilization, and environment/climate change issues.



CSA’s vision is to make every student aware, sensitive, empathetic, and contributing to sustainable changes in society. It is a centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives.


CSA is a centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives.


The Centre for Social Action aims at the development of an individual holistically while they invest their best efforts to lift society as a whole. We ensure that no one is left behind in terms of growth, sustainability, utilization of resources and strives for equity in caste, colour, creed, gender and sex. CSA teaches the students to be responsible and respectful towards society and to work for a cause. We cater to issues of contemporary significance and aim to work towards solutions for these issues.

Our Objectives are:

• To enhance awareness among the student community on social issues

• To empower students with capacities by creating opportunities for their holistic development by involving them in social/community action

• To collaborate with internal and external partners for funding support for improved quality of life for the underprivileged community

• To strengthen University-Community relationships and demonstrate innovative and sustainable human development models

• To provide platforms for research on academic, human development issues and facilitate capacity building/training



1. Child Sponsorship Program: The “Educate a Child” Sponsorship Programme was the first initiative of CSA to create a sense of  responsibility among the student community at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). It was started in the year 2019 in the NCR campus  by supporting 11 children. With the contributions made by the volunteers we aim to sponsor 30 children in 2022 given the covid  restraints. Across all CHRIST campuses, today CSA is able to cater to the educational needs of about more than 800+ children annually. 

2. Neev & Buniyad: Education is not a matter of charity but a matter of right. The initiative of the centre was taken by CSA for the cause of providing quality education and assisting in development of primary level children. The establishment is located in Bombay Colony & Nai Basti, Ghaziabad and consists of a computer training centre, a tuition centre, toilets and a  kitchen. A total of one hundred twenty students are enrolled in total in both the centres. The primary aim is not only to impart quality education but also to provide bridge courses to students and prepare/register them for  formal education. 

3. Cov-Help: The second wave of the surge in COVID-19 infections carried along with pangs of suffrage, an eerie of panic, gloom and  despair was a cause of distress many individuals. We at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) are taught to tail down the paths of  Excellence and Service. Hence, the Centre of Social Action, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Delhi NCR decided to curate a website  wherein people not only can find assistance and information concerning COVID-19 but can also find a ray of hope. Such a qualitative  approach distinguishes our initiative. The website acts as a support network for all, with a Pan-India network of important resources, verified websites and organizations for  hospital beds, COVID medication, plasma donors and oxygen cylinders as well as the latest information on symptoms, precautions, 

myth-busting, home remedies, vaccination etc. The information available is from authentic sources and all the resources are verified and  is updated regularly based on feedback and suggestions.

4. CSA has been organizing Blood Donation and Health Camp keeping in mind the Health and Well being of all. 

Flagship Events

1. Women's Day - On the occasion of international women's day , we impart information about relevant topics to the women of project area.

2. Udaan -  CSA organises Christmas carnival to spread the Christmas cheer and make sure it reaches our project area children .An effort is also made to instill the values of kindness and sharing among the student volunteers.

3. Navarambh - It is a one week celebration in the campus and outside for promoting new beginnings. Navarambh fills the campus with bustling activities for the underprivileged children of our project area and helps spreading hope among them. The event also focusses on giving back to the society and addressing issues of social concern.





The Empowerment Wing Stand. Strengthen. Enforce. The AHTC conducts activities on the campus to spread awareness on the social evil of Human Trafficking and abuse. We emphasize the role of students in prevention and control measures against the sins of rape and violence as well as sensitizing them about sex education.



The Media and Documentation Wing Learn. Express. Reform. This wing is the window that showcases the activities of CSA to all the Christites as well as the outside world. Reports: M&C Team documents every event held by/for the Volunteers & event coverage of every wing and is updated to the Office in the form of reports latest by 10 days of the event.



The Lifestyle and Sustainability Wing Connect. Protect. Preserve. The team that evokes environmental consciousness and whose efforts are focused on creating civic engagement for Christites. Environment Sustainability and Waste Management. Animal Protection & Welfare: Visit Animal care Shelter Homes and interact with NGOs in this space are initiatives undertaken by the Volunteers.



The Performing Team of Volunteers is involved in scripting, practising, and performing various art forms to sensitize Christites and the community on socially relevant causes.We are also involved in campaigns and off-campus theatre workshops conducted both online and offline. Street Theatre Radio Documentary Podcasts.



The Child Development Wing Educate. Inculcate. Motivate. The Activity Centre is a major wing under CSA which works directly with its target population to realize its vision statement: To educate & empower.Volunteers at AC involve themselves closely with their population (underprivileged students) and offer them tools for scaling up their academic game.

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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

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