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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) ever since its inception has been nurturing and fostering the association of its Alumni namely Christ University Alumni Association (CUAA). This has necessitated the establishment of a dedicated office of the University to facilitate essential oversight of the association activities for its legitimacy and to ensure timely communication/directions as may be necessary from the perspective of the University. 

Objectives of the Alumni Chapter Office

  • Keep a roster of our alumni/ae and their pertinent database, and develop a standardized organisational structure and coordination of all the alumni chapters and bequests towards the welfare of the university, subject to the approval of the University.
  • Let the alumni/ae acknowledge their gratitude to their Alma Mater, promote a sustained sense of belonging, interest, and loyalty
  • Provide a forum for alumni/ae to exchange ideas on academic, cultural, and social issues of the day by organising and coordinating the reunion and such other engagements with the alumni
  • Effectively employ the talents, energies, and contributions of the alumni/ae to constructive ends for the university and with the office of alumni engagement
  • Create a system to seek the support of alumni/ae for curricular and extracurricular activities, internships, placements, and corporate relations
  • Disseminate information and establish regular communication with the alumni/ae through quarterly newsletters and other communications to create alumni/ae synergy with the University
  • Any other activity to promote better alumni engagement and progress of the university by making creative contributions in the form of gifts, device


Functions of the Alumni Chapter Office

  • To promote the spirit of Alumni Association among the senior students at the University and to encourage them to become members of CUAA.
  •  To conduct seminars and illustrative case study workshops on the role and significance of Alumni Association for the awareness and benefit of students of the University.
  • To render organizational and advisory support for CUAA in framing its policies, procedures and rules  
  • To create opportunities for CUAA to have periodic interaction with the students and faculty of the University including for associating with their related activities such as holistic education, fests, sports, social  responsibility events, seminars, workshops, webinars, debates, discussions, roundtable, conferences, symposiums,  personality training, mentoring, placements, entrepreneurial incubation, self-help groups, crisis management etc.     
  • To keep CUAA abreast of the significant developments at the University including its recognitions and achievements, international collaborations, its Strategic Plan and the like.
  • To get feedback and suggestions from CUAA with regard to new Programmes, employability, syllabus revisions, curriculum content development, pedagogic best practices and such other matters.
  •  To recognize, appreciate, motivate and support the events organized by CUAA
  • To suggest the areas of expected participation and contribution by CUAA for the development and growth of the University.
  • To maintain the details of outstanding and high-profile alumnus of the University and to have periodic meetings with them for beneficial feedback/exchanges.
  • To selectively invite high profile alumni to address the Student Council, Faculty & Staff, Academic Council etc. on related matters and to have interactive sessions with the Board of Management.
  • To evolve developmental activities for the University in collaboration with high profile or well-placed alumnus, in consultation with CUAA.   
  •  To generally monitor the activities of CUAA for its relevance and utility to the University and its stakeholders and to highlight required improvements.
  •  To have regular meetings with the Executive Committee of CUAA to ensure that the Association functions in accordance with its bylaw and executes all its administrative and legal compliances.
  • Provide need based financial assistance to the needy, or arrange donations to the poor students either by cash or in kind (Eg: Scholarships, Fellowships, and Endowments)
  • Facilitate coordination of the continuing education programs, teaching, research, training, and skill enhancement sessions for the students and the faculty members hosted by the CUAA
  • To update the IQAC of the University periodically on the activities and accomplishment of CUAA
  • To carry out any other function that will augment the role effectiveness of CUAA that will further strengthen the relationship with our Alumni with and translate latent possibilities into effective and actual benefits   for the individuals, society and nation.


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