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Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics


School of Sciences at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Delhi- NCR has created a niche in the realm of higher education in India through its programmes. Currently, the School of Sciences offers a wide array of undergraduate courses with multiple specializations.  It offers undergraduate and doctoral programmes in the disciplines of Computer Science, Statistics & Mathematics. A dedicated research block with all the latest research facilities boosts the morale of the faculty and research scholars alike. This is an ideal place for students with a research bent of mind to explore his/her passion. Apart from academics, students are moulded holistically through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.



To promote the holistic development of the students and to sustain the academic creativity and inventiveness of the faculty the department engages in numerous workshops, seminars, industrial interfaces, faculty development programmes and many such endeavors
It is equipped with the highly committed team of instructors having versatile experience in teaching, research and has a passion to explore and innovate. Department is committed to provide the quality education in Computer, Mathematics, Statistics and facilitate the holistic development, encourage students for pursuing higher studies in computer, mathematics, statistics and motivate students to uphold scientific integrity and objectivity in professional endeavors.

The main objectives of the department are:

1. To acquaint students with various recent technologies in computer science, statistical methods and their applications in different fields.

 2. To cultivate technical and mathematical thinking among the students.   


The department also provides opportunities to work on collaborative projects with industry and international universities. The following programmes are offered by the department.

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc (Data Analytics,Mathematics /Honours/Honours with Research
BSc (Data Science, Mathematics/Honours/Honours with Research)
BSc (Economics, Data Analytics /Honours/Honours with Research)
BSc (Economics, Mathematics/Honours/Honours with Research)
BCA/(Honours/Honours with Research)
BSc (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence/Honours/Honours with Research)
MCA (Master of Computer Applications)


from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Computational Sciences, CHRIST(Deemed to be University), NCR Campus. Soon, India will be a talent provider to the world of computational sciences. To meet the demanding educational requirements in the field of sciences and preparing young minds to set a high benchmark in society, the University has started the School of Sciences with the Department of Computational Sciences as a separate wing.  The mission of the budding department is to utilize the power of computational sciences to mould the young minds, to take up the challenging industry innovations for the betterment of society. Computational  Science has marked its importance in our professional and personal life.

The curriculum is designed to impart in-depth subject knowledge, problem-solving skills, personal grooming, and research aptitude. A well-qualified teaching staff with Ph.D. in the various domain will help the students to guide them in different latest areas of computing.  Apart from the regular classroom sessions, the department pays attention to the holistic development of an individual. The students also get an opportunity to organize and coordinate various levels of department and university activities like corporate interfaces, fests, seminars, workshops, etc. The student community is also encouraged to be part of various science club activities for broadening their enthusiasm for Science. I am sure that the world-class facilities available to the students, the unending support of a team of dedicated teachers, the various co-curricular, extra-curricular activities available in each semester, and the fully engaged campus life will mould the students to face the challenges ahead in a matured manner.

Thank you for your interest and support

Dr Bosco Paul Alapatt






I am having an amazing time in CHRIST, Delhi NCR. The people here are very welcoming and motivating. The institution provides a lot of resources through which you can upgrade yourself. With regular workshops, we stay informed about the current developments in our field of study.Science is an emerging field and with so many resources available online, it becomes confusing

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 Let’s just say I was very sceptical of being here, first few months took time adjusting. But as time went by I felt the sense of rush, I met like-minded people who challenged me and helped me grow. Faculties present on the campus were always there for me. DELHI NCR grows on you, it’s a very peaceful place to put

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Beyond being one of the best emerging colleges in India, Christ (Deemed to be University),DELHI NCR serves to be a home away from home. Upholding the motto “EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE”, our university is proving to be the best in academics and co-curricular activities. The institution is providing ample opportunity to its students for building a strong foundation in knowledge as

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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a very well-known and reputed institution. The University is strict regarding its discipline, dress code and attendance which keeps the students focused more in studies. But it's not just about studies and placement offers. Speaking for myself, I have always had a quiet and shy personality, but with all the projects, presentations and

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“Excellence and Service”


“To develop a computational scientist with ethical and human values”




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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

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