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The Department of Languages is committed to promoting an intellectual climate through artistic creations, critical engagements and innovative ideation through holistic approach. It aims to inculcate in its students an appreciation for diversity of languages and the social components such as its relation to the culture, society and our co-existence as a global society. Indian languages, in league with the foreign languages, carry testimonies of various cultures and civilizations into its knowledge system. We envision making our students critical about oneself today, and grow into responsible and sensible members of society tomorrow. 

The department has a curriculum set which captures the essence of our nation's "unity in diversity" as accorded in the National Education Policy 2020.  At the academic front, the curriculum is nuanced in canonical and non-canonical literary texts which caters to enrich our students with the socio-cultural heritage of the language for study. Our curriculum also has the provision to critically engage with our society and appreciate multilingualism and multiculturalism as the heartbeat of our nation.

We encourage our students to share and participate in cultural activities and celebration of "Bhasha Utsav and Ethnic Day" to see the glorious tradition of Indian heterogeneous culture with a diachronic and synchronic approach. The Wikipedia project undertaken by the Indian language students in association with the Centre for Internet and Society for the digitalization of literary texts is the largest platform in Asia in various Modern Indian Languages.




The department promotes an intellectual climate of critical and creative ideation by inculcating among its students the habit of a critical reading of the word and the world alike. It has geared its academic engagements towards moulding students into responsible and socially sensitive citizens through programs that are designed to facilitate holistic development.

The academic programs offered by the department are aligned with the University’s vision and mission. We emphasise in imparting experiential learning apart from our class teachings, hence, programs such as heritage walks, theatre productions, food walk, etc. are organised for our students in the presence of experts and cultural exposure Delhi has to offer.

Programs Currently Offered 
At present, the Department of Languages offers Hindi, German and French in lieu as language optionals or second language as part of Modern Indian Languages paper in the undergraduate programmes. Keeping in mind the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the department plans to offer courses on regional languages to promote our ethnic linguistic and cultural diversity. At present, we have various cultural and literary events such as "Bhasha Utsav and Ethnic Day" (celebrated at the university level), workshops and discussions on Translation Studies and activities per se, etc. that highlights the beauty of our multilingualism, vibrant ethnicity, to collectively create awareness on "unity in diversity".


from the Head

" To have another language is to possess a second soul."- Charlemagne

The department had its inception in 2020 with the vision to integrate a holistic form of teaching keeping the institution's vision and mission in mind. Since the introduction of National Education Policy 2020, our curriculum tries to integrate the philosophy of growing as a nurturing space for our Modern Indian Languages and Foreign Languages. We aim to provide an educational platform that will create awareness, appreciation and participation in our students for learning and disseminating knowledge through multilingualism. We also believe culture to be a close ally to any language and hence promote experiential learning which engages the students with various components of art and culture such as acting, museum visits, food walks, etc. to understand our society closely.

Our university has also been contributing to creating public domain knowledge through the practice of the Wikipedia entry project in association with the Centre for Internet and Society for the digitalization of literary texts. This nobel act is undertaken by our university students in various Modern Indian Languages such as Urdu, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.
Here at Christ (Deemed to be University) Delhi NCR, our department tries to harness the inquisitiveness of our young minds with unparalleled resources and esteemed faculties to enrich their academic journey. We aspire them to grow not only as intellectuals, but discover their talents, strengths and weaknesses and transform into better selves and discover their calling.

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice.”-
Brian Herbert.

Dr Anuja Singh









To create an understanding and awareness of the Indian heritage of Language, Literature and Culture.


To build linkages in linguistic, literary and cultural sensibilities through innovative pedagogy, experimental methodology and practical technology




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