Office of Examination



  • To create awareness of the assessment process and practices of the University to the students and the faculty through orientation programmes.
  • To process and manage examinations as per the regulations of the University and the academic calendar in line with the statutory and regulatory bodies.
  • liaison with various Deaneries and implement department-specific assessments that guarantee security and confidentiality as per the university guidelines.
  • To ensure the process of awarding Degrees for various programmes adhering to agreed timelines and the University regulations.
  • To continually improve assessment practices through stakeholder engagement by innovative initiatives to enhance the quality of teaching and learning process  in the University.

Supporting Structure

Office of Examinations functions under 5 different units

  1. Front office (Office of COE )
  2. Digital repository of questions
  3. Printing Unit
  4. Evaluation Unit
  5. Tabulation Unit


To assess the learning levels of all the students as per the program learning outcomes and to recommend good assessment practices that ensure the graduate attributes specified by the University are ingrained in the students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University).

Exam Alerts

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that the CIA REPEAT application form is now available in your student's KP.

 Those who have failed the semester due to low scores in CIA can apply for their CIA REPEAT. The last date to apply for the CIA REPEAT process is 15 September 2023. 

The payment will be offline and must be made in the examination office through a debit card or UPI. 

Kindly Note:

You must submit the CIA REPEAT application form and the failed semester marks card to the examination office. Forms received after  15 September 2023   will not be accepted for the CIA REPEAT process. 

For the Theory course CIA REPAT, 30 hours of tutorials/library in a minimum of 15 days with a work allotment of 2 hours per day or a maximum of 30 days with a work allotment of 1 hour per day.

For Practical Courses CIA REPEAT, 10 hours of tutorials/library in a minimum of 07 or a maximum of 10 days.

No extension or exceptions will be allowed if not completing the CIA REPEAT process on given days. 

For Application form   


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