The Student Council at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Delhi-NCR is the pivotal organization, dedicated to enhancing the graduate experience in the region. Our primary objective revolves around enriching the lives of our students. We accomplish this by advocating for their welfare and concerns and initiating innovative programs and initiatives to foster growth, meaningful interaction, and personal development.
In our role as the liaison between the student body and the esteemed Christ University Administration and Faculty in Delhi-NCR, we ensure that student voices are heard and their needs addressed. Our responsibilities extend to embracing and inculcating the profound Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the University.
We serve as a proactive feedback mechanism, offering constructive insights into various aspects of campus life, including academic programs, general discipline, library facilities, and the maintenance of our campus and student service facilities. Our commitment to promoting holistic growth is evident in our continuous efforts to enhance the overall student experience.
The Student Council plays a pivotal role in eradicating the menace of ragging, actively contributing to the creation of a safe and nurturing environment. We consistently identify and recommend strategies to improve student life, conduct, and discipline.
Our dedication extends to suggesting and implementing student projects aimed at holistic development, creating an environment where students can grow in various dimensions.
Additionally, we support the diverse student bodies such as CSA, NCC, SWO, CAPS, Peer Education Program, Cultural teams, and Sports and Games, fostering unity and active participation among students.
The Student Council, consisting of 35 university council members, leads the way. These university-level council members are supported by approximately 150 school-level student council members, overseeing the most diverse range of students, numbering around 4,000. Our efforts in connecting students, faculty, staff, and the university's management in Delhi-NCR aim to create a robust academic community that thrives on effective collaboration and collective growth. This leadership structure ensures the efficient implementation of our mission without explicitly suggesting superiority.


Meetings with Campus Director

Meetings with Campus Director

At CHRIST (Deemed to be University),Delhi NCR, the University Student Council members convene twice a semester for significant interactions with the Campus Director. These gatherings offer a crucial platform for open communication and collaboration. The meetings typically involve the Campus Director and University Student Council members, providing an exclusive opportunity for direct engagement. The Campus Director may extend invitations to other relevant individuals, be they faculty or students, as the need arises.During these sessions, the Student Council Coordinator and University Student Council members present their perspectives on a range of topics, including academic matters, infrastructure, and facility management. These discussions allow for the exchange of ideas and insights, contributing to the ongoing enhancement of the academic experience and the broader university environment.

Regular University Council Meetings

The University-level Student Council convenes every month, in alignment with a structured schedule, to engage in discussions with the Coordinator of Student Council and faculty mentors. These meetings serve as a forum for in-depth conversations, during which the council deliberates on its proceedings and conveys invaluable suggestions and feedback aimed at enhancing the quality of campus life. Furthermore, the University Student Council Members present discussions involving the school-level members, creating a comprehensive platform for sharing insights and perspectives.
These meetings are not limited to just discussions. The University Student Council Members also collaboratively explore strategies for coordinating and conducting a wide array of events and activities across the campus. This approach ensures that a vibrant and dynamic campus life is consistently nurtured and maintained.

Regular University Council Meetings
Regular Student Council Meetings

Regular Student Council Meetings

A core responsibility of Student Council members at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is to enhance the quality of student life. To fulfill this commitment, the University Student Council organizes monthly meetings with the School Student Councils. These meetings, conducted on a school-wise basis and led by University Student Council Members, provide a platform for students to brainstorm constructive solutions to various issues. Additionally, discussions revolve around enhancing the existing practices within the deanery.

Open Forums

Every academic year, the University Student Council facilitates two open forums where students from across the university can bring forth their concerns. These forums are attended by the Head of the Department (HOD), Academic Coordinators, and the Student Council Coordinator for the respective schools. During these sessions, students voice a range of concerns, including academic and managerial issues. The relevant faculty member responds, and these answers are then communicated to all students within the respective department.
These open forums are a critical platform for open communication, ensuring that student queries are not only heard by the management but also fostering a deeper understanding of the management's perspective on these issues among the students.

Open Forums
Daksh - An Annual Education Fair

Daksh - An Annual Education Fair

Daksh stands as the flagship event of the Student Council at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Delhi-NCR, organized to promote education and careers. This annual educational and career fair extends over two days, thoughtfully scheduled just before students' board exams to provide the maximum benefit.
Daksh serves as a comprehensive platform for students to explore the multitude of career options available within the university. Each department across the campus sets up informative stalls, showcasing the various programs they have to offer. In addition, the event features enlightening career dialogues led by distinguished experts in their respective fields. These dialogues offer students an in-depth understanding of real-life career opportunities.
To enhance the experience, the Student Council developed the "Accord" app during the academic year 2018-19. This app streamlines the registration process during Daksh, making it hassle-free and paperless. It also records the interests of visitors to various stalls, enabling a better understanding of the student's areas of interest.
Daksh is not only an opportunity for students within the university but also extends an invitation to schools from across the region. This event allows them to explore the various career choices and academic programs, fostering an environment of educational growth and exploration.

Gratitude Week

The virtue of gratitude is a quality that every individual should embrace in their lives. To foster feelings of joy, love, and appreciation throughout the university community, the Student Council annually organizes Gratitude Week during March. This special week is celebrated across the campus as a time to express thanks to every individual who has contributed to enriching the overall graduate experience at CHRIST (Deemed to be University).
During Gratitude Week, the Student Council arranges a series of events dedicated to the security personnel, housekeeping staff, gardeners, non-teaching staff, and administrative staff. These events provide an opportunity for them to enjoy a leisurely time. As a token of appreciation, students present a small gesture of gratitude to each of these individuals.
The festivities of this week culminate in a final event known as "Gratitude Day." On this day, members of the Student Council, along with the university choir and all students on campus, come together to sing the Gratitude Day song, creating a heartwarming conclusion to the week of appreciation. Gratitude Week exemplifies the spirit of gratitude and fosters a sense of unity and appreciation within the university community.

Gratitude Week
Bhasha Utsav & Ethnic Day

Bhasha Utsav & Ethnic Day

Bhasha Utsav & Ethnic Day holds a special place at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) as it stands as a unique festival that unites all christites. This celebration is a vivid expression of our diverse community, highlighting the rich tapestry of cultures within the University.
The event kicks off with a vibrant procession led by the Student Council, where they proudly showcase the ethnic attire representing their respective cultures. This day serves as a vibrant celebration of our shared heritage and diversity, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among all members of the University community.

Teachers Day

Teachers Day is a cherished and nationally celebrated occasion in India, observed on 5th September. This day serves as a moment to express deep gratitude and respect for the tireless efforts made by educators in illuminating the path of knowledge for their students.
At CHRIST (Deemed to be University), this day is marked by a memorable gesture from the Student Council members, who collaborate with the Student Welfare Office. Together, they present all the faculty members across the campus with a small token of appreciation. This thoughtful gesture reflects the university community's profound gratitude and respect for the dedication and invaluable contributions of the teaching faculty.

Teachers Day


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