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The Centre for Counselling & Health Services (CCHS), an integral part of the University, is a student and faculty support service, providing emotional and psychological support, medical first aid and basic health services. CCHS is an enthusiastic team of expert counsellors and Medical Officer , the Centre endeavours to provide a nurturing environment wherein students are empowered to adapt to the dynamic environment, harness the best of their resources and face life challenges while achieving their academic goals.


Ms.Hema MA
CCHS Coordinator




  • To provide counselling and health services in an accessible and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique needs of the student community.
  • To accompany students in various phases of their lives.
  • To support students in their academic and social pressures.

The centre comprises of two counsellors, a medical nurse and the director, with whom the students can interact and get support for the problems they are facing. Students have free access to their batch counsellors at any time while in the university, or with prior appointments for the convenience of the student and the counsellor. The centre functions from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Major activities

  • Induction Counselling
  • Personal Counselling
  • Academic Counselling
  • Psycho-education Sessions
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Peer Education
  • Parent Meetings
  • Service for International Students
  • Service for Students with Special Needs
  • Awareness Programmes

Induction Counselling

Counsellors introduce the newly joined students to the system of the university during induction counselling. They brief them about the assessment pattern, dress code, discipline, importance of attendance and also give them information about various centres like CSA and SWO and activities that are conducted throughout the year, like Darpan, Blossoms etc.

Personal Counselling

Students are encouraged to visit the centre and talk to their counsellors about any issue that they are facing in their lives and they are overwhelmed with it. Personal counselling is offered by the counsellors in a non-judgemental, empathetic and confidential manner, giving the student the freedom to express their thoughts, feelings about the situation that they are facing. Counsellors help the student felt that they are heard, and offer their support by hearing them out and helping them find the best possible solution for their problems.

Academic Counselling

The centre collaborates with the academic departments to identify students who are facing problems academically and are performing not well in their internal as well as external assessments. They are helped by providing some remedial work and peer-learning, if needed. At the beginning of each semester, students who have not performed well in the previous semester are called in for a session to understand the problem areas of the student and help them overcome it by providing them with remedial solutions, like time management, making use of timetables, taking help of their teachers by talking to them and informing them about their problem areas. The students are helped to overcome their academic issues in an efficient manner.

Psycho-education Session

The centre has conducted psycho-education sessions each semester for the 1st year UG students to make the students aware about certain issues like low self-esteem, managing emotions, substance abuse, behavioural addiction and give them a platform to realise that these issues happen to a lot of young adults and they can overcome it by talking about it and taking help from professionals too, if needed.

Attendance Monitoring

Students who have low attendance are met on a fortnight basis by the counsellors and the reasons for low attendance are explored and various intervention strategies are suggested to the student. Students are motivated to attend classes regularly and maintain the required attendance percentage, i.e. 85 percent and above.

Peer Education

The centre has developed the programme of peer education to help fulfil the vision and mission of the university. The aim of this programme is to help the peer educators educate themselves and their peers by becoming role models for their classmates, enhancing their interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and gain confidence to take sessions for the masses.

The peer education training starts from the 2nd year for the UG students, and is conducted as an optional elective course, which carries 2 credits. Interested students have to fill out an application form and submit a statement of purpose. The interview is conducted by the counsellors and they are selected on the basis of their motivation level, leadership qualities and commitment to the course.

Selected students undergo 35 hours of formal training on topics like Life Skills, Reproductive Health, Personal Safety. Methodology of this training includes lectures, role plays, group discussions, interactive sessions, field trips etc. They have weekly mentoring sessions and practice sessions too under their mentors. The peer educators then conduct sessions in their own classes on the topics taught to them.

First Aid and Basic Health Care:

The University has three Health Centres in strategically placed locations on campus. These Centres administer prompt first aid and basic health care services on campus, while raising awareness on current and relevant health concerns in and around the CHRIST community. This in turn, enhances the overall productivity of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, by ensuring good health and providing basic medical care. In case of emergencies requiring further care, the patient is promptly transported by the Health Centre team, via university ambulance, to the nearest tertiary care hospital.

Parent Meetings

The centre, in collaboration with the IQAC, conducts parent meetings twice a year with the parents, management, faculty representatives and the counsellors to review the activities of the university and discuss concerns of the parents. Prospective plans are also shared in the meetings.

Services for International Students

The team at CCHS aims to provide a warm and welcoming environment for its foreign students, especially when they have language difficulty or adjustment problem to the new environment. Counsellors also guide them in local etiquette and give them pointers that would help them outside campus, so that they are taken advantage of. Fellowship gatherings are also organized for them so that these students can interact with other fellow foreign students too and network.

Service for Students with Special Needs

The team at CCHS identifies students who are differently abled and offer individual support from the time of admission, which extends throughout the course. They are helped by assisting them with scribes for exams, language exemptions, extra time for exam, and easy exam hall access.

Students who belong to economically weak backgrounds are also helped by providing services like free accommodation, scholarships or concessions in fees.

Awareness Programmes

Awareness programmes are conducted by the team at CCHS to improve the psycho-social competence of students. Sessions are organized on topics like Addictions, HIV-AIDS, Reproductive Health, Dengue to provide an open platform for students to share their opinions and experiences. It helps them to be equipped with better skills for adaptive behaviour.

Informative sessions for awareness about the COVID-19 was conducted by our nurse Ms. Albina to help the people working in our university understand the virus and ways to protect ourselves.



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