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  • Open From : 01-Jan-1970
  • Open Until : 01-Jan-1970

The course in Economics Political Science and Sociology (EPS) is the comprehensive study of three disciplines in various combinations in the BA programme at Christ University. The course is so designed as to give the students an understanding of the latest and emerging issues in the economy, Politics and Society and also to impart to them the capacity and confidence to find solutions for those issues.


The course is structured to impart analytical skills and intellectual maturity to comprehend the complexities in the working of the economy. It provides a theoretical basis in economic theory and is further supplemented by practical applications of the same.

Political Science

The discipline aims at imparting knowledge of indispensable political institutions, concepts and ideals. The course enables an individual to learn the art of government and administration. The course will give an idea about how a nation is governed, helps to understand on how to interpret and analyze political systems. It also incorporates the study of historical and modern political system, governance, public administration, governmental policies, international relations and public affairs


The course aims to provide a systematic introduction to Sociology. It lays emphasis on the theoretical and methodological functions of Sociology. Equal importance is given to a systematic introduction to the sociological studies in India. Contributions of eminent Indian sociologists and substantial themes of Indian Society are included in the syllabus. The students are exposed to divergent perspectives with Sociology and acquire the necessary skills to understand various social phenomena through the perspectives of Sociology.


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