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  • Open From : 01-Jan-1970
  • Open Until : 01-Jan-1970

Bachelor of Science (H) in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence integrates two major areas in a collaborative manner. It is a 3-year course designed to prepare graduates who can conduct data-driven investigations using statistical techniques and utilising Artificial Intelligence on different algorithmic techniques. This course will empower the graduates to develop an in-depth knowledge focusing on data science and the techniques for analysing the quantitative and qualitative data and developing a cutting edge solution. Students will be able to apply the concepts for identifying the patterns and trends in the data from various sectors such as banking, production, manufacturing, finance, retails, healthcare etc. The comprehensive curriculum is a  blend of core and advanced specialist subjects. The emphasis of the curriculum is based on the principle that the subjects get more and more specialised as you go ahead through the program. The course structure starts with a general module comprising the basics of Mathematics, Statistics, Programming and gradually specialised into Artificial Intelligence and Data Science modules which shall include Machine learning, Deep Learning, DataBase, Algorithms etc. exposing students to unlock the power of automation, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. Upon successful completion of course the graduates shall be able to understand and apply the Data Science and AI concepts for solving real-world problems.


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